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The Lisbon Language Café is a Portuguese language school focused on one simple goal: advancing your Portuguese conversational skills!

In most Portuguese language schools, students SPEAK AND HEAR 25% of the class, and the remaining 75% are concerned with copying what the teacher writes or explains. In our method, the students listen and speak Portuguese throughout the class, which contributes to fast and fun learning!

We also teach the grammar and basics of the Portuguese language (levels A1). When students already have some skills, they can already communicate with some fluency (level A2.2 / B1 / B2). For these cases/students, we believe that the best way to improve the skills is to communicate: it is to speak Portuguese, to be exposed to the Portuguese language, to listen to a native speaker and to have the opportunity to construct phrases, to ration and to organize ideas in the Portuguese language.

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  • Address : Rua Instituto Industrial 18 3d, 1200-255 Lisboa

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