Health benefits of fermented foods and how to make them at home

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Health benefits of fermented foods and how to make them at home

Whenever we hear the word bacteria it is often associated with something harmful for our bodies. But not all of them are bad! Today we are talking about the good bacteria that live in our gut. It helps us digest food and absorb all the essential nutrients. However, the fight is often won by the bad bacteria which also resides in our stomachs and it results in bloating, constipation or diarrhea. So how to keep the balance between the good and the bad in our digestive system? The answer is – fermented foods!

Health benefits of fermented foods

  1. Helps your body digest food
  2. Aids in nutrient absorption
  3. Boosts your immunity system. Essential at this time of the year!
  4. Improves mood and behaviour. Scientists say your gut is directly connected to your brain.
  5. Reduces risk of heart diseases
  6. Supports healthy weight maintenance and aids in weight loss

Most popular fermented foods

Some of the most popular fermented foods you are well familiar with, like yogurt and sourdough bread from your local bakery. To introduce more good bacteria into your digestive system, head to the closest health shop for some kombucha, sauerkraut or kefir. Eating out? Most indian restaurants will offer you lassi to drink before your meal (we highly recommend Mango Lassi at Natraj Indian restaurant in Rato). And if you are feeling some oriental food tonight, most asian restaurants will have tempeh, miso soup or kimchi – spicier version of sauerkraut – on the menu. 

However, it is not enough to eat fermented foods only once in a while. Our digestive system needs more help with the high sugar diets and stressful lifestyles. There are many cooking classes in Lisbon happening at the moment promoting healthy lifestyle, but we want to invite you to something special – Fermented Food & Gut Health workshop in Lisbon! 

Come and join us for a lovely morning learning about fermented foods and gut health. This is a hands on workshop where you will learn by making your own fermented food to take home.

We will start with history and basic science of fermentation. Our main goal is to teach you how fermented foods benefit the gut and why a healthy gut is the key to good health.

You will learn how to make some basic ferments – classic sauerkraut, basic kimchi & Lacto-fermented Zucchini-Cucumber Relish while tasting a variety of other fermented foods. After this workshop you will be able to take care of your digestive system yourself without depending on overpriced health shops! Book today:

Enrich your life. Learn from locals. Feel at home



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