Learn to Cook in Lisbon

There are many reasons why life in Lisbon is this good, but one of them we can all agree on - it's food. Traditional pastries passed on through generations, endless supply of fresh fish from the ocean, perfect climate for variety of fruits and vegetables... The dining culture here is based on family, friends and sharing. It's time spent with the loved ones and not seen as just another task of the day. So let's look into places that open their doors for us to not only experience but also learn the recipe of Portuguese food culture.


‘We love food and believe that we can use it to create and experience unforgettable moments.

In 2017 we opened the Lisbon Cooking Academy – school where everybody can learn and share their food experiences. We cook in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. It is our mission to share the best recipes of Portugal’s rich and diverse gastronomy with the world.’

Classes: Pastel de Nata, Traditional Portuguese Cooking, Market tours.


‘We consider ourselves ambassadors of authentic Peruvian cuisine in Portugal. Our chefs have worked in the best restaurants of Lima. They have brought that expertise across the Atlantic to showcase the best flavours of Peruvian food to Lisbon’s community of foodies.

Come for an amazing experience both in tasting and learning the secrets of South American cuisine.’

Classes: Traditional Peruvian Cheviche 


Pastelaria Batalha values the art of its ancestors. Accordingly, pastry chefs use the old and original Pastel de Nata recipe passed from Mother to Daughter over four generations.

We’ll go inside the kitchen João’s family-run bakery in downtown Lisbon. It won 3rd Best Pastel de Nata in Lisbon in 2018. This is where you will learn how to bake the irresistible Portuguese Custard Tarts!

Classes: Pastel de Nata


‘Casa dos Ovos Moles em Lisboa reflects the desire to build a project that is linked to Portugal. We want to cultivate Portuguese traditions.

We identified the opportunity to develop a regional market that is our sweet glory – the Portuguese Conventual Pastry. By bringing the loved centuries-old delights from all over the country to Lisbon we create a showcase of Pastel de Nata.

Classes: Portuguese Conventual Pastry


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