Peek inside a Pastel de Nata Workshop in Lisbon.

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Peek inside a Pastel de Nata Workshop in Lisbon.

If you have ever stepped a foot in Portugal, Pastel de Nata needs no introduction. This traditional Portuguese pastry is loved by the locals and visitors from all around the world. Some of the hotspots for best Pasteis de Nata in Lisbon see queues outside the front door all week. Sure it tastes good, but we are curious to experience Portuguese culture more than only with our taste buds. One of our Educators, pastry chef João, opened the door to his family-owned bakery in the heart of Lisbon to SkillsGorilla team and we had the best time. So what goes on in Pastel de Nata workshop?

First, we got to know each other. It was a small group of people from all around the world. Some visiting Lisbon, others had lived here for a while. Even some bakery owners curious to improve their baking skills! Pastry chef João spoke about the history of Pastel de Nata and served few other traditional Portuguese pastries for us to try. Curious to learn, we put on our aprins and headed to the kitchen.

Everyone got a task. We were a team working together and João was very attentive. He did not hesitate to answer even the silliest questions. From ingredients of the recipe to measurements and techniques, everything is explained clear and simple. You can get involved as much as you want. Some of us were observing while others wanted to get hands on with every step.

During the process João told us a little about the history of the family-owned bakery. The recipe handed from mother to daughter for the past four generations was kept a secret for a long time. However, chef has nothing to hide. ‘We are here to share!’ he says, adding how wonderful it is to know the legacy of his family will be passed on.

While waiting for our delicious Portuguese pastries to bake, we had time to share our experiences. It wasn’t as hard as any of us thought! Or maybe it was the professional teaching methods of the chef? One thing is clear: when we finally tried our handmade Pastel de Nata, it tasted better than from any other bakery (and trust us, we tried a lot of them). 

Paired with traditional Portuguese Ginjinha in a chocolate cup, we felt a lot closer to this beautiful, welcoming and rich city of Lisbon. After our Pastel de Nata workshop we even got to take some pastries home with us to show off to friends and family!

Enrich your life in Lisbon. Learn from locals. Feel like home.

Want to make your own best Pastel de Nata in Lisbon? It’s just one click away:

Pastel de Nata Workshop

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