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3 Tips On How To Choose The Best Portuguese School in Lisbon

If you have recently moved to Lisbon or visiting the city and wish to catch some Portuguese while you stay, here are 3 useful tips on how to choose the best Portuguese language school for you.

1. Choose the type of course

Before selecting a Portuguese language school, we recommend that you decide which language course or class answers your needs. After, finding the best school for you, would be much easier.

Here are the most popular Portuguese courses and classes in Lisbon:

Duration is usually one or two weeks. The course takes place five days a week, usually in the mornings, from 9:00 am or 10 am. The Portuguese Intensive Course is a great option for those who wish to learn Portuguese quickly and have the mornings free while staying in the city. The course is available for all levels.

The course duration changes from one school to another, but usually takes place between 3 to 7 weeks. The Portuguese Extensive course classes are two times a week during the evening hours. It is perfect for the ones who stay in Lisbon for longer period and wish to learn Portuguese while working or studying. The course is for all levels.

Focusing on improving the students’ Portuguese conversational skills, usually one time a week in the evening. This option is good for those of you who already know some Portuguese. The Portuguese Conversational classes are also a great opportunity to get to know new people while attending one-time events.

Portuguese Private Classes

Can be taken as an individual or as a private group. This is a good option if you wish to learn Portuguese in your own time and pace or with a group of friends of a similar level of Portuguese language knowledge. Available for all levels.

2. Now it's time to choose the right school for you!

Although all schools have the title ‘Portuguese Language School’, they differ from one another regarding location, type of available courses, number of people in a class, teaching techniques and, of course, the prices.

Located in the heart of Principe Real, Portuguese Connection is a school with a young and homey environment. School’s exterior is covered in graffiti, the communal area is vibrant and the classes are pleasant and usually with smaller numbers of students. The management team and staff are very welcoming. This school is highly recommended to those who wish to meet new young people in Lisbon. 

Portuguese Connection has Portuguese Intensive Courses for all levels, starting every Monday and Portuguese Extensive Courses for all levels starting twice a month (except during the summer). The school has the Combined option and Portuguese Private classes, however, they don’t offer Portuguese Conversional Classes.

Closest metro station: Rato (yellow line) and Avenida (blue line).


Located next to Cais Do Sodré, Portuguese Language Cafe is a relatively small school with an intimate feeling. Classes take place in small groups of 4 to 6 students. The school is focusing on advancing their students’ Portuguese conversational skills. They also teach Portuguese Intensive and Extensive courses for beginners only.

Closest metro station: Cais Do Sodré (green line).


Located next to the famous Marques de Pombal square, Iberlinguas Language School has beautiful classrooms with a modern design, using advanced technology for teaching. The school teaches only Portuguese Extensive and Intensive courses and is the only one on our list with special prices for Erasmus students.

Closest metro station: Marques de Pombal (yellow and blue line).


Lusa Language School

Located next to Cais Do Sodre, Lusa Language School is a relatively new school in town with big bright classrooms. Besides their weekly Portuguese Intensive and once-a-month Extensive courses, they also offer Portuguese Conversation Classes every Friday afternoon. Because of their location filled with many great bars, restaurants and pubs in Lisbon, their Friday afternoon Portuguese Conversional classes are a great opportunity to attend a one-time event, get to know new people and have a drink together afterwards.

Closest metro station: Cais Do Sodré (green line).


3. Price

Portuguese Intensive Course 

Portuguese Language Cafe: one week course: €147

Iberlinguas Language School: one week course: €150

Lusa Language School: one week course: €280

Portuguese Connection: one week course: €293

Portuguese Extensive (part-time course)

Portuguese Connection: 7 weeks course: €190 (€13 per class)

Iberlinguas Language School: 10 weeks course: €300 (€15 per class)

Lusa Language School: 5 weeks course: €180 (€18 per class)

Portuguese Language Cafe: 3 weeks course: €170 (€28 per class)

Portuguese Private Classes

Portuguese Language Cafe: 5 Private Classes: €100 (€20 per class)

Lusa Language School: Private Class: €30 for booking 15 classes

Portuguese Connection: 35€ per class for booking up to 20 classes, €32 for booking more than 20 classes

Portuguese Conversational classes

Portuguese Language Cafe: 10 Conversational classes: €97 (€9.7 per class)

Portugues Et Cetera: 8 Conversational classes: €60 (€7.5 per class)

Lusa Language School: Conversational class: €10

Boa Sorte, Good Luck!

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