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Helpful tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Portugal is a country known for its healthy food because of all available fresh ingredients such as vegetables, meat, fish and seafood. However, it seems that the awareness of maintaining a healthy lifestyle has only risen in the last few years. To get the tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we met Lea and Thomas - French couple who have recently moved to Portugal and developed a healthy lifestyle concept which they pass on to others during workshops in Lisbon, Estoril and Cascais

When and why did you move to Portugal?

Thomas is French-Portuguese, he used to visit Portugal during every holiday he had and started to work as a Vegan Chef last year. I visited Portugal for the first time last year and it immediately felt like home. It was obvious to us that we wish to try this new adventure together, bringing with us the knowledge we have from previous professional experiences to build our own healthy lifestyle concept.

Tell us about your healthy lifestyle concept

We believe in living our lives in a way which leaves a positive footprint behind us, caring about our body, our mind, nature and our future generations. Are we on a path we wish to be in our lives? Are we aligned with our values, needs and aspirations? Do we respect our body, surroundings and our planet? How can we find a global harmony in a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level? We are building our lifestyle concept around these questions.

How can we notice and improve our unhealthy habits?

First, by being aware of our feelings and the sensations such as pain that we feel in our body. Then, the questions are: am I ready and willing to make a change? When we start to ask ourselves what we could do to become healthier, the first thing we should do is get out of our ‘surviving lifestyle mode’, which is constantly living in a rush: work – home – family – sleep – repeat. Then, step by step, we will get more time for us. We must not forget that our body is what makes us alive. Healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy body, which provides the energy to improve our abilities.

Does being vegan help change for the better?

It’s more than just being vegan – it’s about consuming organic, healthy and local food. To produce massive quantities, companies reduce the quality of the food. Animals are being fed modified forage, vegetables are sprayed with chemicals, fish eat the trash we throw into the ocean. When we eat this kind of food our bodies absorb the toxins. We have the right to choose and make the difference. Nature has the capacity to evolve and live without us. We are not ready to live without it.

How do you maintain a healthy life routine?

We do our best everyday to listen to our needs, which can change from one day to another. We’re cyclic and need to deal with these variations. The more you pay attention to yourself, the more you realise your body’s needs. This is our basic daily routine:

• We get up early, take our time to wake our body up properly. Respect of the biological clock is important. We drink a glass of warm water, do yoga, meditate and practice energy flow movements.

• We eat a special fruit salad with specific seeds, banana and oil. It’s a powerful recipe from a French dietitian. The entire combination help cellular regeneration by chasing the bad fats. 

• For lunch and dinner we eat the combination of balanced foods: starches, vegetables, legumes, spices and seasonings.

• If we’re hungry during the day, we make sure to eat only healthy food like fruits or energetic homemade balls with nuts and dried fruits.

Do you have any other tips that people should know about healthy living?

There are so many different ways to live a healthy life. You will have to find the one which suits you best and inspires you to make a change. You have to remember, every change takes time! So do not be too demanding with yourself. Step by step, you will find your balance.

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